About Us



Lanasol Energy Solutions Private Ltd is a pioneer of low cost, compact parabola structure in the Solar Thermal industry. Under the guidance of its Founder and Managing Director, Bharath Srivathsa, the company has successfully designed, manufactured and deployed more stable and cost effective parabolic structure. The unique design has more resistance to wind loads. Since its inception in 2014, Lanasol’s Solar Thermal Energy solutions have become a catalyst of change.



To accelerate and amplify the concept of the innovative solar thermal power through a cost-effective parabolic trough technology designed by Lanasol in the Indian industrial market as well as the global energy market.

Company aims to provide Emission free solution using renewable energy concept.


Objective/ Aim

To provide the best value parabolic trough technology based on Make In India concept to match the low cost, high-performance combo. To also bear the flag of an absolute GO GREEN concept.

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