Lanasol has a strong collective knowledge pool of over forty years in the field of renewable energy. The focus in particular has been Solar Energy and its utilities. Lanasol has wisely exploited this experience in advising its clients on applicability, financial viability, project implementation, operation and maintenance and other solutions. With all the information and details made available to the client, Lanasol helps the client make an informed decision before investing its resources.



For overall performance appraisal of the project, the following data has to be collected and verified meticulously

Site evaluation – Geographical position, orientation and dimensions are critical for project planning and are obtained to determine the layout of the solar field and allied equipment.

Climatology – Year round weather conditions such as day light hours, monsoon season, wind speed, humidity etc., will have a bearing on the system performance, hence of immense importance. All possible data is gathered, analyzed and inferred prior to project planning. Lanasol makes judicious use of its time, effort and resources to achieve this goal.


Design & Cost effectiveness

Lanasol’s lightweight, durable and economical Parabolic Trough Collector has been possible through the work of its team of conceptualizers, design engineers, technicians et al. They have been engaged in innovation and designing products with high efficiency and low cost. The team at Lanasol has undertaken improvement as a continuous process. These Parabolic trough Collectors with well designed set of sun tracking and flow control system will make a cost-effective system with superior efficiency.



Following the feasibility study and planning process, installation process is the next step for the project developer. The implementation in accordance with the project plan and design combined with good engineering practices is important for maintaining the quality and cost of the project. Lanasol ensures that the project developers’ interest is safeguarded and the plant is installed to perform at its peak. Lanasol provides all its support to the project developers in installation considering the budget, time and performance.

Lanasol is an end-to-end solution provider with expertise in the following:
1. Quality & cost control
2. Installation monitoring
3. Project documentation
4. Testing and commissioning


Operation & Maintenance

Post installation and commission, the operation of the Concentrated Solar Thermal plant becomes crucial to get the maximum benefits from the system. Lanasol provides its assistance to the client and its operation and maintenance staff by familiarizing them with the operations and troubleshooting of the system. This will ensure a smooth and uninterrupted operation. Even though the system is designed to perform with optimal efficiency and minimum intervention, routine maintenance is required. Cleaning of the reflective surfaces, receiver tubes and lubrication of moving parts is essential for the maximum output. These operations and troubleshooting of issues within the client’s scope are part of the training that is provided by Lanasol to its clients.



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