High Temperature Hot Water

Lanasol has a distinction of having designed, built, tested and installed a medium sized, light weight patented(Temp/E-1/36824/2017-CHE) Parabolic Trough Collector with high efficiency.Parabolic Trough Collector is a Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy Device that concentrates direct incident solar radiation onto a heat receiving element. This innovation has propelled Lanasol into design and production of high temperature water heater at economical cost.

  • ● Highly efficient Parabolic Trough Collectors
  • ● Heats water to 85 ± 5 degrees Celsius
  • ● High Quality reflector material for higher efficiency
  • ● Scalable Modular construction technology
  • ● Automatic Sun tracking system

Hot Air Dryer

Lanasol has adapted a patented(Temp/E-1/36827/2017-CHE) technology used in high temperature water heater to build Hot Air Dryer. Water in the system is replaced by a Heat Transfer Fluid and the heat collected by the HTF is transferred to the air through a heat exchanger. This heated air is delivered to the consumer through a blower.

  • ● Higher operational temperatures
  • ● Faster drying system
  • ● Hot Air supplied through blower for optimization

Steam generation

A natural progression of the technology would be production of steam and it is indeed so with Lanasol. The same technology that produced hot water and hot air is taken one step further to produce steam. The heat gathered by the Parabolic Trough Collector is optimized to generate steam.

    • ● Flash heating technology
    • ● Faster and efficient steam production


Lanasol is venturing into power generation sector by exploiting the Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy. With its unique and efficient Parabolic Trough Collector technology, power generation becomes the ideal step forward. Lanasol is dedicated to this effort and has streamlined all its innovation and technology towards this goal. Electricity generation is a vital part of rural India’s development and Lanasol is proud to be a part of this initiative.


Subsidy and Funding

1. Subsidy:

a. Customer shall be eligible for a subsidy from MNRE

  • 30% of the bench mark cost (Rs. 5,400/sqm) or actual cost whichever is less to all beneficiaries in all states
  • 60% of the bench mark cost (Rs. 5,400/sqm) or actual cost whichever is less to Non-profit making bodies and institutions in special category states,viz., NE states,Sikkim, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and islands.

b. Customer shall be eligible for a subsidy from UNDP:

  • Subsidy up to 10% of project cost to maximum of Rs. 15 lakhs.


Soft funding from IREDA

  • Rate of Interest 7% After considering UNIDO Interest Subvention
  • Repayment Period 7 Year 1year moratorium + 6 years repayment
  • Bridge loan against MNRE subsidy

Rate of Interest 12% The rate is applicable till the project is commissioned.On commissioning, the MNRE subsidy will be passed to the project and the bridge loan will be closed Indicative Project Cost Structure:

  • Minimum Promoters Contribution – 25 %
  • Soft Loan – 45 %
  • MNRE Subsidy – 30 %
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