Bharath Srivathsa B.E MS Mech
Founder and Managing Director

Lanasol Energy Solutions Private Limited is the brainchild of Bharath Srivathsa. Bharath successfully completed his Mechanical Engineering under VTU and later pursued Masters in the same subject at University of Texas Arlington. He specialized his thesis in the field of finding a thermal storage material to store heat and generate electricity using the same. He also has publications under his name on the same subject of Concentrated Solar Power. He returned to India immediately after the completion of Masters with a rich knowledge of CSP and a driving passion of bringing this promising technology to the Process heat Industry in India.

Mr S.Vaidyanathan
Director - Business Development

Mr. S.Vaidyanathan is an astute professional with over 40 years of experience in handling Projects, Plant Operations with cross-functional exposure in Profit Center Operations, Manufacturing Operations, and Quality Assurance & Turn around Management. He has led projects for Apollo Hospitals Ltd working in the Indian Hospitals Corporation closely in planning multi-specialty hospitals.
He has worked at various levels as Director, consultant and is advisor to Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.
He has worked with Citigroup, Apollo Hospitals Ltd, Suhail & Saud Bahwan Building Materials LLC. – Oman and The Tata Iron and Steel Co Ltd
Mr. S.Vaidyanathan holds a Bachelor of Technology from IIT Chennai and Masters in Business Administration from Xavier Institute, Jamshedpur

In News

Fully renewable India in 2050 can take a shortcut to emission-free future

India can function on a fully renewable electricity system in 2050, research indicates. The study shows that developing countries that have an abundance of renewable resources do not need to take the path of the western countries where increasing living standards have been coupled with heavy emissions from electricity generation and other industry. They can move straight to renewable systems and do it cheaply.

Solar air heating in factories reduces carbon emissions

Solar air heating has not received much attention in India although utilising solar energy to produce electricity and other solar thermal energy applications are popular and visible.

But without much fanfare, some industries, particularly those in manufacturing, have been utilising this simple and cost-effective technology. This has helped the industries bring down their fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions drastically

India reveals solar firms to be sampled in anti-dumping investigation

India’s Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties (DGAD) has published a letter revealing which Chinese, Taiwanese and Malaysian solar cell producers and exporters will be sampled in its ongoing anti-dumping investigation.

DGAD noted that it had received a large number of responses from companies based in China and Taiwan and would proceed with sampling by taking the largest percentage of the volume of the exports by the responding parties.

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